The Work Out Game

I am about 95% healthy now and doing great. Last Saturday I ran to the gym I signed up with to get my keyfob and had a short introductory work out on the recumbent bike for about 5 minutes. I went on Monday for my first work out and it was tough. 25 minutes on the recumbent bike, following instructions from my exercise doctor. 10 minute “warm up”, meaning that I am pedaling slow to get my legs going. It hurt bad at first and my calves started tensing up as if they were going to cramp. Once I got through that at the 10 minute mark, I got a second wind and extra needed burst of energy to start pushing myself to pedaling harder and faster (without resistance, per doctor’s orders). I made it to 17 minutes and had to get off of it as I hurt too much and just could not do anymore. I took a 1-2 minute break then got back on for another 2-3 minutes and that was all she wrote. For someone who is very inactive, I was proud of myself and I think I did well.

My orders are no more than 3x a week and 20-30 minutes on a recumbent bike only. She did not say anything about or against conditioning to tone myself up. Today I went to the gym for my 2nd workout for the week, and got my chair back into a good position where I wasn’t as scrunched up as last time. One of the hardest things is getting into the straps for the bicycles, it is so tricky. It’s almost a work-out in itself. Once I got into it, I noticed my legs had more ample room to start my warm up and this time, the warm up was not bad at all, and I made it to 20 minutes without a break and did well. After that I decided to start the circuit and do a couple of machines. I used to this at another gym years ago. WOW am I out of shape. I couldn’t even get 2 minutes worth of reps on each machine and my muscles in my arms are hurting good. I don’t want to push it too hard so I stopped when I noticed it was too much for me. 

Right now I am working on hydration and resting as my muscles are seeming to cramp up in my arms. This is not easy by far but it gives me such an adrenaline rush and I feel GREAT. Crazy what a good work out can do.

As for my low-carb, high protein diet, I have been beyond good, but bored on it. I am trying to find ways to spice things up on my menus. The amino acids I am taking help tremendously, but I am still dealing with cravings. I’m trying to substitute fibrous fruits for the starches (cake, etc) I have craved. However, last night I had a cupcake and I felt it immediately. The amount of sugar and carbs completely wrecked my stomach and that pain led all the way into this morning. It is with this realization that the changes in my life are finally working, but it’s also realizing that I cannot eat what I used to eat. If I am going to splurge, it will have to be a small bite, instead of an entire cupcake or an entire piece of cake or an entire brownie, etc. 

I am feeling pretty good right about now.


Life is slowing returning back to normal…at least health-wise

I am almost over this nasty crud. I am still coughing up gunk and coughing, but not as much. I am constantly clearing my throat. Now that I am feeling better, I am doing more and able to get back on the low-carb bandwagon. It has been rough, obviously, with some days better than others. For example, my appetite was completely out of control yesterday, I couldn’t stop eating, I was so hungry. Today I am the opposite. I have had to force myself to eat because I have not been hungry. It’s a vicious cycle.

On Friday I went to my weight loss doctor and had my exercise assessment done. I lost TWO pounds despite the holidays and my sickness! Color me surprised. That being said, it was a relief. My visit with my doctor went well, and he has mentioned (like before) about me using Phentermine to prevent my appetite from getting out of control. As of now I do not have that problem, but I am leery about using that type of product. As it is I am already on Topamax for depression (which he knows) and it suppresses the appetite. I have also started a regimen of Amino Acids called Neuro Replete to help with the cravings. Something else I will be purchasing is Bilberry loose leaf tea to help with that as well.

My exercise assessment went very well, and I was told how to breathe when exercising, and what I should do. What I will be doing is using a recumbent bike at a local gym (which is a tough search, I will go into detail shortly), no more than 3x a week for 20-30 minutes each time. She explained to me that a “Warm up” is not stretching, but slowing easing into the exercise. My concern is trying to remember to do the breathing while exercising. Right now I need to be more concerned about finding a gym that has more than 3 recumbent bikes. I want to work out locally, but I live in a small town and two of the three major gyms here have 2-3 recumbent bikes. The one gym that has 3 has reviews that the recumbent bikes are always in use and it’s a 45 minute-1 hour wait to use one and there’s no time limit for someone to use it. I don’t want to spend money on annual fees and sign up fees and a monthly fee to find out I cannot use a recumbent bike. If I decide to go with this gym I don’t have to sign a contract, but I have to pay that annual fee, which is ridiculous, and it won’t be refunded. I really don’t want to drive out of my way to go work out, but there are bigger gyms in the bigger city by me. It might be something I might have to take into consideration. I need to come up with a solution fast, as I have a check up with her on the 21st of next month.

So things are moving. Right now too slowly for me, but it has been very busy since I have started feeling better, and I haven’t been pacing myself well enough, because I am still very tired. I’m sleeping a LOT, but it doesn’t feel like it is enough.