Bad week last week

It is no secret that I had a bad week last week…my diet was completely off and I ate more carbs in the past week than I had in the past month (okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but you get the picture). Between stopping the Progesterone, the hostility, the mood swings, the stomach issues, I had just had it. Today I am not even trying as the Packers are getting their asses kicked by the Vikings (WTF!!!!) as well. I’m actually finding myself eating out of pure frustration and this is not good.

So the game plan for the week of Thanksgiving is to get my ass back on track. Low carb to the point of 45 grams a day. Lots of salad and very minimal carbs. We’re talking a ton of protein, unlimited low-glycemic vegs, and keeping myself as active as possible (HAHAHAHAHA). Thanksgiving meal has been planned out carefully and finalized as such: Turkey, small amount of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, Stovetop stuffing, asparagus, and I am making a pumpkin pie from scratch, however, I am not making an Almond Flour Pie crust. It’ll be just a regular pie crust. I plan on limiting myself with that as well, but I will up my carb intake on Thanksgiving a tad to no more than 80 grams for the day. Measuring will be strictly enforced. I am going out the day after, but will be eating healthy as well. Going out for lunch but picking a restaurant that offers low-carb options, so there you go.

Now is not the time to rest on my laurels. I have a very tempting season ahead of me and if I am going to slip up during this time it needs to be very, very limited. Staying motivated has been hard, and I haven’t been using MFP because I don’t even want to know what I have been consuming. It’s not for lack of effort, it’s for pure ignorance, and I will be the first person to admit it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, sometimes you just don’t want to know. Prior to measuring food and using MFP I just imagined how many carbs I was putting in my body.

So with this renewed hope and a pep talk to myself, I hope I have given myself enough to push myself further and keep my head on straight. Heading into the holidays on a strict regiment is definitely a tough task to take. Now to get it right.

After this game (which is now close, 23-20 with less than 3 minutes left in the game), I am going to exercise this crap off.


No motivation to write

I have been dealing with writer’s block for the past few day and I am still stumbling on some issues with it. Mostly it is due to extenuating circumstances that are keeping me from having the time to blog, but here I am today, what a day it has been. If you know me, it is no secret that Sundays are dedicated to watching American football. I am a Green Bay Packers fan (bandwagon, won’t lie) and New Orleans Saints fan (by birth, my mother). Right now the Packers are struggling with not only winning, but keeping their players healthy. Today’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles just proved how vulnerable the team was and is to injuries. Several key players were injured and unable to return, including the second string QB, Aaron Rodger’s back up. Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken collarbone for 4-6 weeks…not the best news in the world and everyone in Packerland is reeling from it but still holding strong for the team to pull through. So Seneca Wallace, the back up, was injured today, something about his groin…and the THIRD string QB, a guy I have never heard of before, Scott Tolzien, had to come in. Tolzien came in off of the practice squad, and despite an interception (or two?), he did the best he could and gave it all he had. I wish Packer fans who are being relentless and merciless on him could understand that this kid is from the practice squad. He isn’t Seneca Wallace and is no Matt Flynn (who the Packers SHOULD bring back, just saying..). Give the kid a break. So who is Tolzien’s backup if HE gets hurt (GOD FORBID)? John Kuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn. No kidding. Still rooting for and holding for the Pack to get stronger and work on that defense, because they need help. I know they can do it. Next up: The Saints and Cowboys. WHO DAT?

Onto my diet, the Keto Flu seems to have disappeared from my life, with the exception of some bowel issues, which I think we could attribute more to something I ate rather than the low carb/high protein ratio. Friday night we decided to go out to dinner as it was a rare early night off for my boyfriend, and we found ourselves at a local restaurant. I scanned the menu for what I thought would be appropriate enough, and went with a savory chicken breast burger on a ciabiatta bun and a house salad with balsamic vinaigrette. It was a smart choice, however, the carbs in the bun alone was sky-high and put me at 105 grams for the day. It happens. My nurse upped me to 80 grams a day, so I feel more confident in what I am doing now. Yesterday was my “Cheat Day”, and while I didn’t mean to go overboard, when all was said and done, my carb intake was absolutely horrible. 255 grams of carbs! I started off with a Tall Chai Egg Nog Latte and a Chocolate Meringue Cookie from Starbucks, and dinner ended up at Denny’s, where I had a double cheeseburger (trying to sneak in fat and protein the unhealthy way!), but I ate the bun too. I had maybe 1/8th of my fries and gave the rest to my boyfriend. I should have asked for the burger without the bun, but I really wanted the bun, so I gave up my fries for the bun. Smart…not. Oh well. Live and learn.

Today my carbs will be around 65-70 grams, and on target, if I can manage to get the rest of the food down that I have planned. I haven’t been hungry and have been dealing with stomach problems (likely due to the Denny’s food, no doubt) all day. I had a protein shake with Almond Breeze Almond Milk and a scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein Powder. Dinner tonight will be some farm fresh eggs a colleague brought me from the chickens she is raising, some sausage, and not sure about the carb yet…might do an English Muffin. I am also going to try my hand at making Lemon Blondies using Almond Meal and Truvia in place of white flour and sugar.

I am going to do some shopping at Costco next Saturday as we are running out of what we need, so it will be time to stock up on some food to boost my protein. Tuna, string cheese, frozen turkey burgers for my lunches, etc. I am going to also see if they have Almond Meal or Flour in bulk, because I just spent $13 on a small bag that I think equals to 3-4 pounds but I doubt it. Maybe 2 pounds if I am lucky. Bobs Mills Almond Meal. Expensive. I can actually make goodies with this and keep the carbs down. A lot of my friends doing the Paleo diet are obsessed with Almond Meal/Flour and Coconut Oil (another thing I need to buy). Hopefully my next blog will be a post stating that I was successful at making the Lemon Blondies with the almond meal and Truvia!