Today is a success diet-wise

I feel more confident today. I have held my own on my “cheat” day. If I hold strong to what I have said I will be eating, I will have 77 grams of carbs for the day, with 168 grams of protein. With the exception of the fact that I did NOT eat breakfast, I am doing well.  We went to Red Robin for lunch and I was able to substitute my hamburger bun for lettuce instead and instead of fries, chili, which per my MFP was perfect. I had about 1/8th of fries from my daughter’s bottomless fries for the carbs I desired. I am very pleased with this progress, considering that today is my “cheat” day and is my temptation day.

I also had some leg muscle cramps that almost stopped me in the middle of trying to return to the car after a Costco run. The cramps were like a “Charlie Horse” and as we were walking back to our car, I was walking gingerly but trying to hustle at the same time. It was quite painful. When I got back to the car, I stretched out and my boyfriend gave me some of the Magnesium pills I just bought. I picked up Magnesium for the cramping per my physician’s suggestion, and hope that they help with this cramping. It feels funny, and it’s not just in my calves. At times it is also in my groin area and THAT hurts worse than my calves. It’s not like I’m working out, either, so I find it strange. Are our bodies so sensitive to lack of carbs that it takes away from muscle? I thought it was taking away from fat, not muscle?

I rescheduled my Exercise Assessment for the 6th as things will be tight until then. Between the holidays, rent and bills to be paid, it is hard to keep up with everything I need to have done. I am really going to have to put my foot down about seeing my physician only once a month next year because that is going to be all out of pocket as my insurance will not cover the office visits next year. At $100 an office visit, it will be tight. With a car payment things will be tight, so I can’t let them force me into seeing them. If they have to wait a couple of months, so be it.

I just wish I were able to get my stomach issues under control. It’s sensitive to anything and everything I eat.