Review: Atkins Advantages protein products (multiple) & sucralose issues


I picked up several of the Atkins Advantages ready to drink protein shakes in Milk Chocolate and French Vanilla as Target had a special running. I also picked up these protein bars as well. What is one of the ingredients besides all of the chemicals in these products? Sucralose. What does sucralose do? It’s like Splenda and too much of it can wreck havoc on one’s digestive system. If you’re anything like me and have a very sensitive stomach, I would recommend that you limit your usage of these products. Last night I learned the hard way as I consumed a shake, one of the chocolate pb bars and then one of the chocolate coconut bars. Not very smart.

So I started doing some research on Whey Protein Powder and found out that most, if not all, of them contain sucralose. What a bummer. This forces me to rethink what I need to be putting in my body to obtain my goal of at least 135 grams of protein a day. To be quite honest, I wasn’t very thrilled with the thought of just drinking a lot of shakes to get my protein, when it boils down to it, there are a lot of chemicals and fillers and nothing natural about most of these whey protein powders, and that is a huge concern for me. Back to the drawing board for me…