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Wow, it’s been 3 months since my last update…

And a lot has happened. In May I had a weigh-in that showed a large (8+) weight gain, and it kind of kicked my ass into gear. From there on out, I immediately started low-carbing again (60 grams and under) AND decided to cut out processed sugar. I did that for a month and dropped 14 lbs. The next weigh-in I had lost another 3 lbs, wasn’t happy but was glad it wasn’t a gain, by then I had started plateauing. On Wednesday, I went by my doctor office and did a weight check. I lost ANOTHER 10 lbs…my total weight loss since late October of last year is now at…<drum roll, please>

47 pounds.

You read right. 47 lbs of weight loss. It’s unreal. My goal was to hit 50 lbs by late October. I am THIS close. 

Right now, diet is the only way I am controlling my weight loss. There is no planned exercise involved. I had to drop my gym membership due to two reasons: My body aches/pains (more on that to come) as well as financial (more on THAT to come as well). Despite it, I have more activity in my life than I did 47 lbs ago, and now I am not only using MyFitnessPal, but synced it up to FitBit on my phone as well. It’s super helpful.

Let’s get to my body aches and pains. My weight loss doctor did some pressure point testing on me and concluded my suspicion of Fibromyaglia was correct. Not sure if I posted about this before, but I thought I would share anyhow. This summer has been brutal. Despite warm weather, I am in the worst pain and having horrible flare-ups. It’s unbearable at times, and I will be discussing Gabapentin (generic for Neurontin) with him, as my insurance won’t cover Cymbalta. How are you supposed to go exercise regularly when everything in your body just HURTS? So I am doing all the research I can on Fibromyaglia and even had a theory, because so many people I know who are very large (super obese, if you will) and have lost a good amount of weight, end up in so much excruciating pain. My PCP wrote it off as my body rebelling, but I honestly felt like he was dismissive. It was after that that I discussed my pain with my weight loss doctor, who determined it is FM. Nothing you can do for it, as most people know. I talk with my friend who has lost over 200 lbs due to the LapSleeve and has FM as well. She has been suffering horribly this summer as well. She gave me some good information on how people with FM should avoid ANY vegetables or fruits in the “Night shade” category. The three are: Tomatoes (not a problem, they irritate my GERD), Potatoes (I’m meh on this, we don’t eat them often anyhow, and this is EVERY type of potato), and Peppers of all kinds (This one KILLS me. I LOVE bell peppers…it’s gonna be tough). Apparently they make the inflammation worse. Lots of learning to do for me.

As for finances, it has been a rough summer thus far. My daughter will be going into high school this September, and with that, she will be doing both band and sports…at the same time. It’s costly. To top that off, I no longer receive child support, as my ex-husband was fired from his job in mid-June. I had to add her to my health insurance policy, which is now costing me $50/paycheck extra than I expected. To top that with the loss of child support has been incredibly tough. I have been incredibly stressed out, but we’re okay. We do everything we can. The cost of living has increased, gas prices have risen, food prices as well, but I still have managed. It is what it is.



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