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Weigh-in update

Last Friday I went into my doctor’s office for another check up. I’m down another 2 lbs for a total of 29 lb weight loss in 6 months time. I would round it up to 30 lbs considering the shoes I wore are pretty heavy and I did not take them off for weigh-in. I have to say that I look at a 30 lb weight loss as a HUGE milestone for me. I haven’t lost 30 lbs in a very very long time. So my progress may be slow but I have never showed a gain since the second weigh-in prior to my nutrition plan/counseling. That’s consistent weight loss. If we divide it into months, that is 5 lbs/month. Slow and steady but a good amount of weight has been lost. It’s definitely something I am incredibly proud of.

I am still going through the motions with the pain I am dealing with right now. My body in rebellion mode from the increased activity and the loss of body weight. I looked at my BMI and I have dropped FIVE BMI points from the 30 lb weight loss. Incredible, but not without some repercussions. My guess is that my body is used to the extra 30 lbs and is trying to adjust to the lack of it. Some days the pain is better than others, and I wake up ready to spring out of bed, but those days are far and few in between. I think it is a mix of both the weight loss and Spring playing tricks on me. My joints hurt especially during rain. 

I just finished Physical Therapy for my neck and shoulder but am back in PT again for my ankles, which are and have always been weak. When I was about 4, my left leg was broken in a freak accident. At my PT evaluation, I found out my left knee has a deformity where it is pointing towards the insides of my thighs instead of straight out. My PT told me that eventually I will need a knee replacement as it is not something that can be corrected with PT. Same with my ankles, so we are focusing on strengthening my ankles with exercises and resistance bands. PT is going well for now. I just haven’t been able to fit in gym time outside of my exercise at PT. I do tend to take walks at work otherwise, but I haven’t seen the inside of my gym since March 12th, and got an email from my gym (auto-generated, I am sure) showing concern as to why I haven’t been at the gym in over a month. Life happens.

I am still pretty happy with my progress so far, though I am not being strict on my nutrition plan or exercise. Hopefully with summer I will kick it more into gear.

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4 responses to “Weigh-in update

  1. weight2lose2013 ⋅

    Congratulations on your progress! Sorry to hear about knee replacement, but a coworker had it recently and it really improved her life.

    • I am thinking it might have to be done sooner than later…I wanted to avoid it but the pain is getting worse…we’re talking about the knee at physical therapy so I am sure this will be a hot topic of discussion between my PT, my weight loss doc and my PCP.

  2. southernhon ⋅

    I’m so damn proud of you!!

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