Changing my nutrition plans

I have spoken with quite a few people this weekend about my nutrition plan and how unhappy I am with it, and my concerns about the amount of protein I am consuming.  I have decided to change a few things about my nutrition plan without my doctor’s advice. One thing that was brought to my attention was that the plan I am on is geared towards getting those who are wanting a weight loss surgery prepped for that surgery. Because I have opted out of the surgery, this is no longer a necessary move. My appointment with him was pushed out to April as he had to cancel my appointment. I am bummed but I refuse to see the bariatric nurse there. When I see him next, I will be discussing a new plan of attack and making it 100% clear that I am not going to see his nurse anymore and I did not agree with her methods at all.

What I have been concerned about is my risk for problems stemming from needing to consume over 135 grams of protein a day. I felt this was excessive and unnecessary. I spoke with a friend who studied and is registered in fitness nutrition and she thought it was excessive as well. She was concerned because I had a total hysterectomy four years ago and was concerned about the repercussions of that. She recommended no more than 100 grams a day. I am going to be switching to that. As for carbs, she said that the emphasis on carbs in total is ridiculous and I need to find a balance between good and bad carbs. I am aware of the difference. My goal now will be no more than 80 grams a day, but to stick to high-fibrous and “good” carbs. I’ve been so restrictive in my attempts that I think that this is why I am failing at staying on task. Let’s be honest here, if you feel you are stifled to the point where you cannot stick to it, you’re going to be bound for failure. I’m not good with this low-carb crap. I hate it. That being said, this is a necessary evil. There are reasons why you should watch your carb intake, but it is equally important to make sure you are consuming more good and whole carbs and not processed carbs (which is what we do). There is a lot to be said for the low-carb frenzy, but the thing I have learned about it is that it really is vital to make sure you are completely aware of what you are putting in your body. The more awareness I have, the smarter choices I make.

Since I started my journey last late October, I have eliminated the following carbs: any type of pasta at all (with the exception of a VERY rare outing to an Italian restaurant), no more brown potatoes, no more processed foods, no more breads at all, if I am going to have bread, it will be something like an Ezekiel bread, a nutty bread. If I really want a roll, it will be sourdough, but we haven’t gotten to that point yet. I don’t miss bread. I don’t even miss brown potatoes or pasta. It’s that strange. But there are things I am finding to replace those with that work well for me.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, I managed to meet up with a couple of friends, run some errands, and hit the gym. I am still only able to get 20 minutes on the recumbent bike, but I think that is fantastic. With time it will become easier. I really love the gym. I know so many people who loathe it, but I do love it. I find it to be an adrenaline rush. I promise I won’t go trying to lift anything anymore, though. Ha ha. Speaking of, I have my physical therapy assessment tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well.

I think besides the good comraderie and the great advice given by my friend, it was nice to hear from her and a couple of other people how they actually SEE the progress I have made. This leads me to believe that this isn’t solely weight. I know that inches tend to go fast on me more than weight, but yes, I have dropped about 4 pant sizes and 4 top sizes. Yesterday I put on a pair of one of my brand new pants that were washed and accidentally dried (which is not good, because our dryer shrinks EVERYTHING). I amazingly got into these pants fine and they fit perfectly. There is progress! This is a great sign! It gives me hope. I know we tend to take too much stock on what our scales say, but inch loss is good as well. However, that being said, I NEED these pounds to go. I need to get it together. I keep saying it.