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Snow snow go away…

I shouldn’t complain. I have followers in the hardest hit states right now dealing with unimaginable cold temperatures. We here in Whatcom County in Washington State just experienced a very very rare late winter snow dumping that stalled life as we know it. Sunday we started seeing snow accumulate at a fast pace. Before we knew it, parts of our county (including where I live) were under a foot of snow. We NEVER see that much snow here. Typically it’s 2-4 inches, but never a foot. My friend who lives more out in county saw 2 feet of snow. Unbelievable. While the kids loved it and were so excited to have snow days, us adults were scrambling on trying to decide if we go into work and brave the roads which were in horrible conditions. We’re talking snow drifts, poor visibility, no road visibility, ice, you name it. Tons of roll over accidents, tons of vehicles in ditches, and the worst I had heard of was several semis stuck on the road and going nowhere. Tons of semis in ditches, some roll-over accidents. You do not mess around in this type of weather. I begged and pleaded my boyfriend to return home early on Sunday night, he worked a shorter shift and left around 7pm as the roads were starting to get treacherous. He is from Wisconsin so this doesn’t faze him. I’m from California! It’s a national emergency to me, and he laughs. Everyone is different…

So I was stuck in the house until Wednesday afternoon. I wasn’t able to get to the gym until today. The sun is out and the snow is all about gone, but only to turn around and find out that we have another snow system moving in from Canada. Lovely. One minute they’re reporting it will be like last week, the next minute they’re saying it won’t be like last week. The weather models change so fast that I won’t even rely on them anymore. I just hope that this weather stops  with this snow stuff soon. We didn’t have much of a winter to begin with, so it hitting so late in the season is very strange. Typically we will get snow all the way into April but we’re talking a dusting here. Not a foot. Not even more than 3 inches.

Due to my neck injury I canceled my appointments with my weight loss doc and others, so I wasn’t able to get weighed last week. I drove in today for a weigh-in. Good news? I didn’t gain any weight. Bad news? I didn’t lose any weight either. I am at a standstill. I have literally lost 23 lbs in total since early October and we’re almost in March now.  I told the nurse that I was going to keep it real and admitted that I have NOT been following my low-carb plan at all for the past week or two. All this yo-yoing is making it hard to lose the weight and I do realize that. There are no excuses for it. The thing I am starting to realize is that maybe I need to stop with the high amount of protein they want me to ingest (because frankly, 135 grams at the very least per day, is far too much in my humble opinion). Carbs? I’m lucky if I can keep them under 60 grams a day. I’m seriously considering going to a nutritionist who is not affiliated with my weight loss doctor. I don’t like his “nutritionist” who is basically a nurse trained in bariatric surgery. I don’t care for the advice I am given, I don’t agree with protein shakes being the only saving grace for me, etc. I think a lot is being lost in translation as I went in originally doing a prep for weight loss surgery. Now that I have decided against the weight loss surgery, this diet does not make sense. I need someone who can steer me in the right direction because I feel like maybe I am sabotaging myself.  Please do not get me wrong, I do care. But sometimes I feel like what I have been doing is all for not, and I am not 100% on board with the nutrition plan they gave me in late October. Not anymore, anyhow. Something needs to change, and fast, but we are lacking nutritionists in this area. At least it seems like it.

A friend who is trained in fitness told me that I am possibly plateauing because of the exercise as well as being more active, but I just started exercising about 2 weeks ago. I would think that is too soon to build up muscle to the point of not showing a weight loss, would you? That being said, I love the gym. My problem is finding the time…so I am going to work out at work at our gym when I can when I am in office.

I recently went in with my boyfriend on a gym membership for my daughter for her birthday which is coming up soon. She will be 14 years old and will be in high school next year. She’s always mentioned how she wanted to work out, and loves the elliptical, so we bought her a gym membership and today she went and worked out with me. Her legs are hurting pretty good, needless to say, but I expected it as she was pushing herself way too hard and going too fast to begin with. I had to tell her to slow it down and ease into it.  We were only able to do a 20 minute workout because her father  was going to pick her up from my home for his parenting time. I got through my workout a bit more easier than I thought, but the last 5 minutes were tough. I decided to turn on the TV on my recumbent bike and watch it to keep my mind pre-occupied from the pain and it worked! Nothing like watching a bunch of idiots fighting on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to keep you working out and not paying attention to the pain! (Hey, it is a bad vice, I admit it, but I do love this show…)

Here’s to another great work out tomorrow…


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3 responses to “Snow snow go away…

  1. We’re prepping for another major storm on Sunday. 😦 As far as plateauing, it’s not uncommon for low carbers to experience that. Some can last for a few weeks up to a month. Don’t get discouraged. You didn’t gain, and that’s great.

    • Oh man..another storm! Ugh. I am sorry! I hope winter ends soon! Damn ground hog. LOL.

      I am sure I am plateauing. There are some things I am going to be changing about my diet, I will post about that shortly.

  2. That’s going to be so fun working out with your daughter. You have a workout buddy:-)

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