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“I’ve only known you as a big person”

These are the words that came out of my daughter’s mouth yesterday as we were discussing my weight loss and everything I am doing. It wasn’t a dig, it was just an observation and an awe-inspiring moment with my daughter. All her life all she has known me has been as a big woman, from the moment she was born. To see me lose more weight, and to see me get down at least 100 pounds is going to be different for all of us involved. That is the goal…I’m down 20 pounds. Well, 23, but I’ll say 20 as those 3 were gained early on, so 80 lbs to go. I will get there.

Today I have been feeling slightly better, until a coughing fit hit me. I am pretty sure it’s all sinus related. I had an acupuncture session yesterday that really opened up my channels to my sinuses and helped tremendously. I went into the office with massive pressure and pain on my left side, and left the office open and clear and feeling relief. It’s amazing what acupuncture will do. I am a true believer of acupuncture. I feel like it is the only thing that has truly helped open my sinuses and helped with my migraines. 

So today I went out and got quite a bit done, even though I had originally planned to stay at home. I took my daughter for a haircut, took her shopping for some clothes, went shopping for a new bed for her, went to my new gym and picked up my keyfob and even got a 5 minute work-out in with the owner. I definitely felt it but I am so pumped. I received so much support from the owner and am really excited to begin working out. I also found out what times were dead and hopefully I can make it work out, I will and there is no excuse to keep me back, short of sickness, of course. I’m still coughing pretty good and I don’t know what to do to stop it. We’re doing Mucinex D now that Sudafed Maximum Strength stopped working. Argh. All three of us have a nasal thing going on.


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