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The week from hell

It’s early in the morning and I can’t seem to pull myself together for work yet, so I will blog. It has been a very busy week. I’ve been on training for a new task at work this week. Last week I was in training for another task I am already familiar with but it was more of a refresher. Now I am so incredibly behind on my work that I was told to work mandatory OT this week and next. I already spoke with my supervisor and advised her that this week was a no-go as I received this news last night. I am working 9 hours today, worked 9 yesterday, and am working a short day tomorrow on purpose (5 hours). So because of working extended hours, I have been up every morning at 5am and I haven’t been sleeping well. There is a lot going on at work and while I have mostly caught up, more stuff is piling up on my desk for me to do. It is overwhelming, but is the nature of the beast. The good news is that it is job stability at least.

I am still sick. In fact, it has gotten worse. It’s turned into a full-blown sinus thing now. Tons of pain, pressure in my sinuses, burning nostrils (inner), and tons of snot coming out. I am staying very hydrated still. Despite this, I have stayed on my A-game with low-carbing and for that, I am quite proud. I didn’t even cheat this weekend. I just wish I could get over whatever this is. I hesitate to go to the doctor because I have a feeling I will be told yet again that this is just a viral infection and anti-biotics won’t even help it. I picked up Mucinex last week for the cough. Last night my boyfriend picked up Sudafed Maximum Strength for me. If that doesn’t work, I will suck it up and pick up Mucinex D, even though it is pricy. If that doesn’t work, I WILL go to the doctor. It’s miserable. I have gone to work in my office and been blowing my nose like a mad woman. I had a teleconference yesterday and forgot to put myself back on mute and was blowing my nose. Then a colleague messaged me and said “You’re not on mute”. Oops. 

I am supposed to meet up with a friend this weekend but I think I will be canceling and just laying low and staying at home and sleeping. I need to do a Costco run and was going to do that tonight, but I just do not feel well. I need to get through this 9 hour day…


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4 responses to “The week from hell

  1. To stay on plan while you’re going through this persistent illness is commendable. I don’t have your resolve! The Mucinex D has worked well for me in the past and is worth the extra price that you pay for it. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Well, congrats on not cheating and staying with the program.
    Chicken soup has got to be low-carb, huh? 😉
    I wonder if you have a sinus infection. ??
    Mucinex DM is very good. I always keep some in the house in case of lingering snot problems.
    I’m sorry you’re having such a cruddy week. I hope next week is much better and that you’re feeling better.

    • No chicken soup here! We’ve been eating what we normally eat, but for some reason I haven’t been eating as much (except for Tuesday when the cold started, I was eating a LOT, but everything was high pro and low carb).
      I have Mucinex DM for the cough but I should have bought Mucinex D for the sinuses. I am going to have acupuncture done in my sinuses today if I can get into town (snow! ugh). The snot problems are god awful. It’s kind of gross and awesome at the same time, LOL!!!

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