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The BRAT diet really sucks!

Is it crazy for me to say how much I miss my low-carb, high protein diet?? I am so tired of Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast. Ick. My boyfriend bought a loaf of white bread for the first time in…well, it has been a VERY long time. Imagine my surprise at the sticker shock. A loaf of Franz bread at a local grocery store set us back $3.39! Are you kidding me?? That is expensive. I am sure there are cheaper loaves of bread, but I remember when Franz was $2/loaf! 

While I have been sick, I have been watching some episodes of Semi-Homemade With Sandra Lee. I have to tell you, I only watch this for the pure snark of it all, because let’s not forget, It’s Cocktail Time™! (Hee.) The amount of processed food this woman uses is disgusting. Frozen mashed potatoes? That is akin to boxed mashed potatoes. Come on, people. It is really not that hard to make mashed potatoes that aren’t full of preservatives and chemicals! Have we as a society become that lazy? I understand the premise of the show, but I cannot get on board with the amount of processed food she relies on using for her recipes. The only thing I CAN get on board with is the idea of buying pre-chopped onions at the local deli section of my local grocer. Now THAT is worth the money. I HATE chopping onions, and garlic.

I also thought back to when I was married. We ate a TON of processed food and it was downright disgusting. I never liked homemade Chili until my boyfriend made a pot of chili when we first started dating. Prior to that, my idea of “good chili with beans” was a can of Nalley. Are you kidding me? I literally gag thinking about it now. It is funny how our preferences and mindsets change when we change our habits and way of eating.

Clearly, I have had too much time on my hands while sick. My stomach is still churning too, but I am hoping that it will go away. There are a ton of bugs going around right now, so one must take caution wherever they go. Stock up on your hand sanitizer!


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5 responses to “The BRAT diet really sucks!

  1. Boxed potatoes or powdered cheese. So unnatural. My kids used to eat mac n’ chees from Kraft. It comes with a bag of powdered cheese! I agree with you, we’ve become lazy. Aside from the laziness of it, I wonder what the long term effects will be of eating all of these chemically laced foods. Excellent post!

  2. I just posted about trying to eat a low carb BRAT diet. I hope you feel better soon.

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