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Who is Mommy Needs a Valium?

She is a driven, harried, motivated, anxious, sometimes sad, opinionated, and independent woman.

I don’t blog about myself outside of the weight loss world because I try to stay as anonymous as possible. This is not my first blog, in fact, this is my third blog. The first blog was a recipe/foodie blog. My last blog was dealing with having a total hysterectomy. That last blog was supposed to be about my recovery, about the ups and downs, trials and tribulations. It turned into a blog that documented the downfall of my divorce and the subsequent abuse inflicted on me by my ex-husband. I don’t read it often as it is very hard to read and brings up too many painful memories. Then I started this blog with the intention of blogging regularly about my adventures in weight loss. I am not good about keeping up with blogging, never have been, but I am trying.

I am not a complicated individual. I love and when I love it is a loyal love. When my trust is broken it takes a lot to repair it. Like any other human, I’m just as confusing as the next. I think we all have had our hearts broken, and faced disappointments in our lives, and that is what we must remember when trying to understand a certain individual we might not understand.

(Note: I started this blog on Friday, but never finished. Oops.)


About Mommy Needs a Valium

A California girl stuck in the Pacific Northwest.

2 responses to “Who is Mommy Needs a Valium?

  1. That’s all we want, right? To love and be loved. Why can’t life be simple! Excellent post, as usual!

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