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Sickness and setbacks

I have been sick since yesterday. First what started out as a cold turned into a full-fledged stomach bug/virus. I ended up needing soup, craving Top Ramen (of all things), so I had that for dinner with tuna fish sandwiches. Don’t judge me, that’s what we had growing up. What I call “poor food”. I haven’t eaten ramen in over 3 years…and haven’t craved it until last night. I don’t eat bread anymore, so this was very strange, but my stomach needed something less heavy and being sick, I just had to do what I needed to do.

These setbacks happen as soon as I start low-carbing and I feel let down, as if I am letting myself down, but when it comes to something like this, you simply cannot avoid it. Then I started wondering if the virus I thought I had was actually a flu/bug/virus, or rather, the Keto Flu I had made mention of in my last blog. Whatever it is, it has kicked my butt. That and old man winter…the two combined are dragging me down. I just want to sleep all day, but be it as I have rent and bills to pay, I cannot do that.

Here’s to better health…hopefully soon…


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A California girl stuck in the Pacific Northwest.

3 responses to “Sickness and setbacks

  1. Hi Jen, get healthy and get your energy back, then tackle it. It does sound like the keto flu. Get better soon!


    • I am still sick and I am thinking it’s Keto Flu and this crud going around. I am going for massage therapy today and while I KNOW it is going to hurt (I have a digger for a LMT, but I love that), I hope it will drain some of the nasty out.

  2. Best of luck, Jen. Sounds like it may be more than a Keto flu. Hope you feel better soon!


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