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Back on track

I actually started yesterday, and not New Year’s Day, and I did very well, but I had gnawing pangs of hunger towards the end of the night, even after dinner. Re-adjusting my body to the low-carb, high protein lifestyle will be tricky and hard, but it needs to be done. Today I will be around 50 grams of carbs so long as I stay on track. Yesterday I was around 65. Not desired, but better than what I have been eating. 

Yesterday, my first mistake of the day was ordering a non-fat, no whip tall Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks. I should have seen if they could have made it sugar free as well. It was 50 grams of carbs in that cup! So that was most of my carb intake, and had a few more carbs for dinner, like carrots in my salad, and miscellaneous items. During my work day I did just fine, no massive hunger pangs, but it wasn’t until after dinner that I felt it and couldn’t escape it. I didn’t cheat, but I certainly got in a bit more food than expected. I was still under 2,500 calories for the day, so I am happy about that.

Having to get past two weeks of eating horribly is a tough thing to do, but I know that once I get past the eventual Keto Flu, I will be okay. I have been dealing with muscle cramps in my legs (calves, groin, hamstrings) even before I got back on track, but yesterday was the worst. I felt like I was hit by a Mack Truck. All I can think of is that Keto Flu. That nasty Keto Flu that set in during the beginning, and I dread it. But this is the price we pay when we deviate from the plan.

I’m just hopeful that the Keto Flu won’t be quite as bad this time around…

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6 responses to “Back on track

  1. weight2lose2013 ⋅

    You’ll be past the keto flu soon. It had taken me about two weeks to get past the cravings. We’ll get through this, Jen!

    • I anticipate that it will definitely happen again, but I am preparing myself mentally for it as much as I can. Plus the aches and pains from winter add to it so I try to tell myself that half of that is winter lol.

      • weight2lose2013 ⋅

        Jen, have you joined, or are you interested in joining the challenge, Sprint to May? You can read about it at my site, on the menu bar. It will be hosted at Carolina’ site.

    • Rob, I had taken a look and I’m still trying to decide if I am going to do it, it’s tough because I tend to forget about these things and sometimes being busy with work and other things it is really hard to remember…We shall see! Thank you though!

  2. southernhon ⋅

    Huh, Keto Flu sounds like no fun at all. I hope it passes quickly.

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