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Weight loss surgery candidacy

I received a letter in the mail today from a major medical center in Seattle that my bariatric physician contacted for a Sleeve Gastrectonomy if I choose that route, and they prompted me to meet all of the criteria I need to in order to be approved for the weight loss surgery. If I so choose, I need to do the following, or have the following:

-A BMI >40 (check)

-Participate in my insurance companie’s weight loss program (check)

-Lose a certain amount of weight (which has not been disclosed to me, I am not sure why, but seeing as I am working on losing the weight on my own, that could be why)

-Letter of medical necessity and signature that I will follow through on pre and post-operative procedures (will be done if I choose this route)

-Visit a weight loss physician and nutritionist (doing both)

-Psych evaluation (that’s standard, will be done with my therapist who is a psychiatrist)

Right now I am more focused on learning how to live my life with these changes and how to lose weight without a surgery or pills. I really want to try to do this on my own. I don’t have high blood pressure, cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes or heart problems. My biggest culprit is Sleep Apnea, which has actually improved over the course of the past 5 years with CPAP therapy. They actually had to bump me down 2 levels as it was set too high.

The thought of surgery does tend to frighten me as I have had two major abdominal surgeries in the past, and would like to avoid surgery in the future as much as possible. Plus I recently had my colonoscopy (high risk for colon cancer due to family history, killed an aunt at age 28) and it took me a while to come out of the anesthesia. I have never had that problem before so it scares me a bit to think that maybe I won’t do well with anesthesia the next time. When I had my total hysterectomy four years ago I was scared I would not come out of anesthesia as I had never been put completely under before. I came out with no problems whatsoever, but I was unable to speak well due to having a tube down my throat (it was removed by that point) during the surgery itself.

I guess we will see what happens in this next year. The doctor knows I want to try to do this on my own and supports my decision. 


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4 responses to “Weight loss surgery candidacy

  1. I think that it’s great news. I know that you don’t want surgery, but it’s great to know that it’s in your back pocket if you need it later. Your doctor supports your choice, so that’s excellent. BTW, I love the new look.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Good! You’re really doing great.
    I don’t blame you for not wanting surgery. But like Rob said, it’s good that it’s available if you so choose.

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