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Happy New Year!

I don’t do resolutions, because resolutions are meant to be broken…instead I want to continue on the path I have chosen for myself. The past week or two have been an absolute nightmare, as you can imagine, from the holidays. I have been so far off of my nutrition plan and not logging in MFP that it isn’t even funny. Yet here I am, worrying that I have gained some of my weight back. I know it isn’t overnight, but let’s hope that I didn’t. Starting tomorrow I will be back on my high protein, low carb plan. 

I recently met with my health coach, who helped me devise a plan to not overwhelm myself. When I was discussing with her about my carb intake and trying to stay within the perimeters of that perfect 45 grams of carbs a day, I told her that it is impossible. I’m laying my plan for the day out and I have to cut out or add more carbs because it is either too high or too low. There is no in between. She said I need to stop putting this harsh goal on myself and to make it something that is doable. I decided to make it so I am under 60 grams of carbs a day, which is more doable and adds more flexibility. And if I land under 45 grams of carbs a day and I am not hungry, I won’t push the issue and overwhelm myself any further. If I am under, that is great! When I have found myself under it is usually around 30 grams of carbs and I feel it is too low, so I put some carbs in my diet and sometimes I am not necessarily hungry, so that seems a bit unnecessary. Another thing I struggle with sometimes I am not hitting my goal of at least 135 grams of protein a day, and have to add more protein even though I cannot fit anymore food in my stomach. It seems to just be unnecessary, so it will be something I discuss with my doctor next time I see him. I am doing well with keeping under 2,500 calories a day (except for the holidays!) so that is the best thing I can say for this nutrition plan.

Something great that has been happening despite being off of my plan is that I am waking up hungry and it gnaws at me. This is excellent news, my metabolism has finally kicked in. I am still dealing with muscle cramps even though I have been off of my plan, though…that is something I wish would go away…

Let’s do this in 2014. I am hoping for a safe 100 lb loss this year. We shall see. I want to avoid weight loss surgery.


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2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. You can definitely do it. We’ll be here supporting you.

    Happy New Year!

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