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Total weight loss for the past 5 weeks is…

21 pounds and counting. On Friday I was weighed and to my surprise, the scale reflected a 9 pound loss. If I want to get technical and deduct my clothing (multiple layers due to the cold) and my heavy Nikes, it could be at 10 lbs.

To think that I lost about 10 lbs in the past 3 weeks with a yo yo pattern and even after Thanksgiving made me feel relief, shock and like I could conquer the world. I am amazed. My doctor is very pleased as well, and we are now discussing adding Amino Acids to my repertoire of supplements. Amino Acids help with the neurotransmitters in the brain, and can also help with the craving issues I have been dealing with. The reason I am not on Phentermine is because I don’t have an issue with overeating. My issue at this point is the cravings for carbs, specifically sweet stuff. I will be starting that sometime next week.

Something else that has been troubling me since I started going super low carb is that my hair is not growing like it typically does. I am not having problems with hair loss, which is common during a low-carb/high protein diet, but my hair just will not grow. I had my last hair cut right after I bought the car which was around the time I started my diet…5 weeks ago…and it has barely grown, if any at all. By now it should be at least 1-2 inches longer than it is currently. I am also dealing with very brittle nails. I brought up the nail problems to my doctor who thinks that my iron levels are too low again. I have this problem a lot, but I cannot take iron supplements due to my sensitive stomach, so I try to cover it with food. What I should be doing is eating iron-rich foods and taking Vitamin C while eating them, it helps absorb the iron better. Another thing I am thinking I should pick up is Fish Oil, which I hate because of the aftertaste, but there’s a local company who makes them without that nasty aftertaste.

Getting back to the weight loss, I know I will hit plateaus and not budge on the scale, but for now, I am celebrating this 21 lb loss. This is a huge step for me. A lot of my clothes are falling off of me. It feels great.


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3 responses to “Total weight loss for the past 5 weeks is…

  1. Outstanding! 21 lbs, 10 in 3 weeks is enviable. Keep it going!

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