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Carb cravings

I went to my doctor’s today for a check up and I lost 3 measly pounds in the past two and a half weeks. I am not very happy with this but it is better than gaining weight, I suppose. However, in those past couple of weeks I was not able to get up and move (ie: exercise) much due to the lack of energy and feeling weak because of my body transitioning to a low-carb lifestyle. My doctor said that my diet is looking right on, but suggested to continue to wean down my carb intake to try to get to the 45 grams of carb number we were going for, and to not eat a carb with my breakfast and maybe even lunch that way I can pair the most of my carbs up with my dinner. It’s a thought, and I am going to put that out to test. I go in for an exercise evaluation next week to see what I can do to safely exercise and optimize my workout to aid in my weight loss. I would like to get this bandwagon going as soon as humanly possible.

I also discussed with my doctor that my thoughts on the gastric bypass surgery is that I want to try medical weight loss management for a year to see how I do with weight loss on my own. If that doesn’t work out and I am not seeing that I am able to lose the weight, then I might have to consider the LapSleeve and go from there. I am just not ready for a massive surgery at the moment, so I think that this is a better way of handling my weight loss program. Baby steps, right? 

That being said, this is going to be a short blog because I am having really wicked carb cravings right now and I am trying to figure out what we are doing for dinner as I don’t feel like cooking tonight. Til next time…


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4 responses to “Carb cravings

  1. sayer19

    I can totally relate! I’m starting a new weight loss community blog, check mine out! Thanks!

  2. I think you’re going about this sensibly and I’m rooting for you!!

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