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“Increase your sodium intake”

That was what I was told today after I emailed my bariatric nurse to tell her that I cannot deal with or survive on this 45-60 grams of carbohydrates (daily) plan. Apparently my trying to keep my sodium under 2500 grams a day was way too low. We’re looking at needing to compensate for the water weight I am starting to lose…so my sodium intake has to be at 4500-5000 mg a day. She suggested V8, beef jerky, bouillon, pickles, pickle juice. I was prompted to contact her after I ate lunch today and was shaky, nauseous, dizzy, light-headed to the point where I literally felt like I was going to pass out. I thought my lunch (which was tuna, mayo, celery wrapped in outer romaine lettuce leaves) would help stop me from feeling so dizzy, but it didn’t do anything. My boyfriend made me drink some V8 Fusion juice (full of sugar, I know) because of this, and even that didn’t help. It wasn’t until after my nurse spoke with me and I drank 2 cups of chicken broth prior to my dinner that I started feeling better.

So what does this mean now? I guess that it means I will make sure I consume a lot of sodium. I brought up my concerns for elevated blood pressure to her, but she advised me that my symptoms were indicative of low blood pressure…so hopefully she is right and that this is a sign of water weight loss. My boyfriend picked me up some beef jerky and pickles as well, so that should help too.

I just feel defeated because I am so weak and lethargic from this crap that I can’t even do my exercises. Without that how am I going to lose the weight? It seems doomed to failure and sometimes it’s hard to get past that, but seeing that the sodium from the chicken broth helped, that gave me a little bit of a boost that I needed.

I was honest with my nurse and told her I completely cheated on Saturday. She didn’t really say anything, but asked what my meals were looking like and told me I really needed to pair 15 grams of carbs per meal. I spread them out but I need to be more mindful of getting those carbs in with every meal. Hopefully that will also help me to feel better. As for my carb intake today? I have been so hungry it’s ridiculous. I’m way over my allotment of 45-60 at almost twice that, 113 grams today (so far, barring any hunger pains later on), but honestly? I don’t care. I ate healthy, but I don’t like to go over my allotment. 

Tomorrow is a new day. I just need to make sure I eat healthy.


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