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Questioning this nutrition plan

After my splurge and everything I have endured over the past few days after finding out that my carb count was lower, I have been dealing with some anger and some questions. I have decided that I will be discussing this with my physician and the nurse I see, and ask them if this plan is truly what would fit me. For some people low-carb diets work. For others it does not. Prior to finding out my carb count was 45 grams a DAY, not per meal, I was doing just fine. It was a bit of a struggle but I was doing better than I am now. It’s even harder than I thought. I cried on Halloween, and am dealing with the following side effects: nausea, feeling dizzy, light-headed, lack of appetite, muscle cramps, etc. I would like to ask my physician and the nurse if this is truly necessary and if my side effects are even conducive to my health. 

It’s not just that that bothers me, but the fact that my nurse stands behind the usage of chemical and sucralose laden products like Atkins Advantage protein bars and shakes. The protein I need to consume (no less than 135 grams daily) is high and is tough, but is it really necessary to use chemical products in order to get that amount in? It’s tough with the sources I can afford at my disposal so the protein shakes make more sense, but still… 

So in the long run I have a lot of questions for my physician and his nurse, and a lot to reconsider. Today I am back on track, but for some strange reason, I am so hungry and I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve already had a protein shake, egg whites, now I am onto some Greek Yogurt and it’s 2pm. For dinner I am having a salad, and a turkey cheeseburger wrapped in romaine. Dessert will be a protein bar. Yeah, that’s going to tide me over til tomorrow. NOT.


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