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Falling off the bandwagon

I will keep this short and not so sweet. I not only cheated tonight, but I lost all control. While I feel incredible guilt, I realize that I am human and am prone to making mistakes. In the end, one piece of chocolate cake made me say, well, that’s that, no calorie/carb/protein counting/control today, and pretty much went stupid after that.

I texted my boyfriend and asked if he wanted to have pizza for dinner, so we picked up a pizza with what I was craving (besides the carbs), olives and peppers (on a combination pizza). I also picked up breadsticks and some apple pie bread stick dessert. Like I said, I lost all control. I gorged myself on the food and am sitting here with one of the worst stomach aches I have had in a long time. Lesson learned.

All day I fought my carb cravings, which were so out of control, it felt like previous nicotine cravings I had when I quit smoking. They were insatiable. I even had the same questions I kept asking myself like I did when I quit smoking, telling myself it was temporary and that I could eventually go back. That set me up for massive failure with that round of quitting smoking, but here I am now, almost two months smoke and nicotine free. With that, I have learned that is no way to go through a major lifestyle change. You simply cannot think that way, or you set yourself up for failure.

Now that I have cheated and consumed a large amount of food and carbs, and I have gotten it out of my system, hopefully tomorrow will be easier. Back on track tomorrow.

I read online that the first 3-5 days of low-carbing leads to carb crashing and I think that is exactly what I went through.


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