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The Hunger Games?

I got through last night just fine, but am still trying to deal with my carb cravings. It hasn’t been easy and I’m starving. My calves were aching again last night and I don’t know if it was from running up and down stairs yesterday and all over work, or if it was from high protein and low carb intake. As stated in my previous blog, I ended up in tears last night. It wasn’t easy to deal with. 

As someone who loves her starches, a brownie sounds amazing right about now. Tomorrow I have a birthday party to attend and there will be cake, another food I absolutely adore. I said no to cake and brownies yesterday so I can say no tomorrow as well. I get why I need to do this, and I get why I need to monitor my carb intake. For aggressive weight loss. I have been ready for this journey and started out strong. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy and that the impending holidays were going to create a challenge for me, but I never anticipated that I would cry over the lack of carbs. 

My question is, once I stop this aggressive weight loss nutrition plan, can I actually go back to eating normal amounts of carbs and being diligent to keeping to that? I am sure I can, but it will always be a concern on whether I am putting too many carbs in my body or not.

That being said, now I must go eat, because I am feeling light-headed and dizzy again. This is something I am not a fan of. I don’t know if it is normal or what, and since Type II Diabetes runs in my family, it concerns me. I just had my blood sugars tested and I was on the high end of normal. But with this going on, I am starting to worry a little bit. I guess I will just see if this is my body adjusting or if it’s something I should bring up to my physician the next time I see him.


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