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First weekend on the plan

This is my first weekend on the nutrition plan and it has been a bit tough. We ended up at a car dealership yesterday due to more trouble with my truck and locking in a good rate with Costco’s Auto Program. We walked away with a 2013 Nissan Altima, certified pre-owned, for a very very good price, a good interest rate and very good warranty. This is our first new car ever, both as a couple and ever. We are very excited and happy with our purchase. Very low mileage too (under 25k miles). 

Anyway, we spent several hours at the dealership waiting on financing as it was a Saturday and there was only one finance person and quite a few people waiting ahead of us. I had only drank a protein shake before we left not anticipating a long day at the dealership, so by around 5:30 I was getting hungry and a bit shaky. I drank some water, but didn’t want to eat anything from their little vending candy machines. After we signed our papers and walked out with our new vehicle we went out to dinner. My first time out on this nutrition plan. We chose a local bar inside of a hotel that has upscale food, and I ended up choosing some chicken wings (just the deep fried ones, no sauce, I had 4) for an appetizer, and then for dinner I had about maybe 1/5th or 1/6th of my fries (unloaded the rest on my boyfriend), and about 3/4rd of my bun and all of my burger, lettuce, tomato and most of my onions. We also ordered dessert, and I ended up eating about maybe 1/3rd of that…a dark chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate ganache, with peanuts (which I chose not to eat, it just didn’t go with the cake), three strawberry halves (I had two – a full strawberry) and some whip cream (i had a little bit). I came home and later on was hungry so I had a small quesadilla with cheese and a protein shake to tide me over til the morning. In the end, I was higher on carbs than protein, but being that it was my first weekend on this nutrition plan and that we were out most of the day, I am trying to cut myself some slack. Trying being the operative word. I was unable to stick to my planned out meals for the day because of how long it took at the dealership.

In the end I should come up with a plan for if I am ever stuck somewhere and need to eat. Maybe pack a protein bar in my purse or bring a protein shake wherever I am. I think this was a good lesson on how to cope with being out and being stuck in unforeseen situations. Packing some protein bars or food might help.

This first week on the plan has been very successful, but I would like to see my sodium intake decrease. It seems like even if I eat foods in whole form, there is a LOT of sodium in everything. I can’t escape it. I already have problems with Lymphedema and don’t want to add to it, I have always tried to be mindful of my salt intake, but it wasn’t until I started using MFP that I realized just how high my sodium intake was. I’m open to any and all suggestions!

Since yesterday I have been craving eggs, bacon and sausage. Today I woke up hungry for the first time in a VERY long time (which, according to my nurse is a GOOD sign that my metabolism is kicking in), and wanting eggs, bacon, sausage and an English Muffin. That ended up turning into pancakes. I find it strange because typically I crave potatoes. We ended up going out for breakfast as we didn’t have everything we needed for that, and I ended up ordering the Blueberry Pancake plate which had 2 eggs (I had scrambled), 2 bacon, 2 sausage links (ick, I ate 1.5), and 2 extremely large blueberry pancakes (well we are in America where our portion sizes are absolutely ridiculous. I ate about 1/4th of one pancake, and took the rest home for my daughter. I have already mapped out my day and we are going nowhere so I should be sticking to my plan.

Weekend is almost over (boo), but I would say mostly a success.


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