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Nutrition plan and goals

Sorry for my absence, it has been quite the busy week here. Between work and dealing with some vehicle issues to deciding whether we can buy a new vehicle, my brain is swamped. The thought of taking on yet another debt/bill is scary. Next year I will be paying for my medical weight loss management out of my own pocket since my insurer won’t cover it. It’ll be costly. However, we need a new vehicle, as I am tired of putting money into my 16 year old vehicle. I’ve never had a newer vehicle and am hopeful we can get the financing necessary to buy one. We shall see.

Anyway, onto my appointment. I lost another 2 pounds (almost 3!), and am excited about it. My blood work came back normal, with the exception of my protein levels and my progesterone. My new doctor is putting me on a compounded natural hormone to help me deal with my post-menopausal symptoms. Long story short, four years ago I had to have a total hysterectomy at age 30 due to potential endometrial cancer as well as potential ovarian cancer. 

I met with my nutritionist who gave me a run down of our bodies use protein, carbohydrates, sugars and fat and store them. I was also told how much weight I should and shouldn’t lose, citing that the biggest concern is losing lean muscle mass, which I don’t want to lose. We discussed what pre-op and post-op will be like after a LapSleeve surgery and what a bariatric surgeon’s expectations are. Due to the extreme nature of weight loss without taking the lean muscle mass into consideration, I am unsure I want to go the weight loss surgery route and am considering just trying to do this on my own.  Time will tell. She told me in order to maximize the weight loss, I needed to consume no less than 135 grams of protein a day, which is a high amount, with a low carbohydrate intake (45-65 grams per meal). I’m supposed to be eating 30 grams per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and 15 grams per snacks (mid morning, mid afternoon and dessert). It’s a lot to do and get used to. Yesterday I started and it was a challenge but I did well. If I stay on track with my goals for today I will make it. 

So how does one get this high amount of protein into their diet without consuming large amounts of meat? Protein shakes are my best option. I went and bought protein shake mix, some ready to drink Atkins Advantage protein shakes for work and mornings when I don’t feel like cooking or fixing something to eat. I also picked up non-hypoglycemic veggies which I can have as much as I want, such as cucumbers and snap peas. I did pick up carrots for carbs. I will likely pick up some protein bars for dessert. At first I refused to as the carb-protein ratio was too high for my likings. So I will attempt it this way first. I also will be eating egg whites, which are pretty high in protein (from MFP it stated 10 grams of protein per egg). Something else I am concerned about is the amount of sodium in my foods, so I am going to try my hardest to keep on track with this and hope the weight continues to fall off. I’ve been a bit more active as well.

It was strange yesterday, I had a lot of soreness and muscle aches (cramping?) in my thighs, calves, inner thighs despite staying well hydrated. I am wondering if it had to do with the high amount of protein intake and less carbohydrates.


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  1. That does seem like a lot of protein. I drink those Atkins shakes sometimes – they’re pretty good. Better than Muscle Milk by a longshot. I also eat egg whites every morning. Congrats on the weight loss – you’re doing great.

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